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Up until this point in time, I sing, write, draw, create, and move, but I mainly do this things privately, unless off course, it's for CHARITY.

You see, when it comes to #charity or #fundraising of any kind, I will gladly put my complete heart and soul into any task at hand, and use my multi-passionate spirit to help pay it forward to those in need. I don't have to be perfect, or even close to good, there are no expectations placed on me, because it's for CHARITY!

Who's gonna hate on charity? Everybody wins!

When I take a moment to really reflect on how some of the most incredible moments of my life are a compilation of actions that I have taken for charity, it just seems like I am unconsciously playing small.  I am alive but I am living with my own limiting beliefs, that have told me that I'm too old to follow my dreams, or that I am just not good enough to share ALL of me.  If you know me, you know the all here is quite a lot.

Rather than "just do it", I'll just wait for the next charitable cause to live out loud, wait patiently for the next "charitable cause" where I can unapologetically and fearlessly "do me". Until then, society continues to teach me, to have gratitude, that it is selfish to want more, to manifest, to live abundantly. 

 I must hold it in, and keep calm and carry on, until charity once again affords me the opportunity to share some more of my sparkle, and to truly be HAPPY, doing what I was born to do, SHARE MY GIFTS!  

For Charity, I have performed countless songs, and have channelled my inner rock star.  How sad that it took Hurricane Sandy to remind this girl that her voice is not too shabby? 

For Charity, I engaged in dancing with the teachers which was a complete #epicfail (but it was for charity so no harm, no foul).

For Charity,I've taught tons of fitness classes (still can't take money from my friends, it's ok, it's for charity, so I can mess up all I want, it's for charity).
Charity inspired me to finally write a book!  (I'm not really an author, it's for charity!) 

All of the proceeds go to help fight #Cancer and will be donated to #RelayforLife

Get your copy of "I AM an Artist" here, http://bit.ly/1zW6zlm 

This book was written by yours truly and illustrated by my 4 year old daughter.  It is all about #affirmations and #dreams (If the book is horrible, it's for charity, crafty right? but it is actually quite fabulous, especially the paintings). 
My daughter loves art, therefore, she IS an artist, and I have taught her that she does not need to be granted permission, or told that she is good enough.  In my utopian society, my daughter will not hide her art until she is inspired, by charity, to share it.

The time has come for mommy to do the same.  What about YOU?

For Charity, I've done a few polar plunges, taught some tech classes, tortured some students with a few rounds of #Insanity @shauntfitness at #RelayforLife

For Charity, I did some modeling with the amazing @projectheal

For Charity I even ran a the New York City Marathon last November @nycmarathon

In retrospect it seems quite cowardly to wait for a "fun"draising opportunity to actually have some "fun" and #share my gifts with the world.  It now seems quite selfish to only grant myself permission to live out loud if the idea of charity is attached.  

Recently, I have been asking myself, why I hide behind the safety of charity?  The only answer I can come up with is #Fear

So, yes, I am a high school special education teacher, and I have two beautiful girls and and one incredible husband.  I will continue to serve others through charity, but first, I need to serve myself.

Will you come with me on my journey?  
How can you share yourself?
What parts of you are you hiding from the world?

Do you have a talent to share, that has been burning in your soul for too long?  Were you told that you were too old? Have you told yourself it's too late?

What is your biggest fear?

Please share your thoughts here or on the blog at www.thathappinessteacher.com
Subscribe and get a free E-Book of "I AM an Artist"!

My dream is to create a #tribe of women "doing it scared", who do it FIRST and foremost for themselves and then to pay it forward (don't worry the charity is still there)!

Be your own fairy Godmother and grant yourself permission to LIVE! 

Please share your comments and feedback, I would be HONORED if YOU started the conversation.

With love and HAPPINESS,

<![CDATA[A sneak Peacock into theĀ Future]]>Sun, 01 Feb 2015 22:25:58 GMThttp://www.thathappinessteacher.com/home/a-sneak-peacock-into-the-future“Do as I say, not as I do little ones”, quite embarrassing, and sad but true.

I’ve been feeling a wee bit of Irish Catholic guilt about this one, as I tell my 4 and 3 year old daughters to follow their dreams, and that if they believe in themselves, that they can do anything that they set their minds to.

But what about mom? How do I model this kind of belief system for them, authentically, creatively, and with integrity, when truthfully my limiting beliefs have held me back from living my own truth?

I suppose addressing my faults publicly is not necessarily the most captivating way to start a blog, but for this thing to work, I just need to keep it real. In the spirit of the Super Bowl, it’s GAME DAY.

15 years ago, I became a High School Special Education Teacher. I am grateful for my job and I adore my students, who I consider to be gifted, from their extraordinary creativity and abundance of compassion, to their resilience and unique world view.

I publicly declare this my virtual classroom, where thoughts will become things.

In addition to this declaration, here are some affirmations as I look towards the future.

I am a published author.

I have a line of successful children’s books and songs that help kids, and adults to find happiness, through nutrition, fitness and spiritual growth.

I am a vocalist.

I hold spiritual retreats that involve people reconnecting with who they once were through music and movement.

I use my unmatched energy to create customized workouts that my clients enjoy.

What are your greatest desires?  What stands between you and you living your truth?

Share your public affirmation here.

I would love to hear from you.]]>